Back in 1989 when the idea of the Steakout was conceived, there were very few restaurants in Limerick City. It was a gamble to open a restaurant with a Western theme and located in a basement was a huge gamble also. Thankfully it was exactly what the Limerick people were looking for, and the responded accordingly. Back then our Waiting Staff were attired in full Cowboy/Cowgirl regalia, complete with Stetsons, Guns & Holsters!!!! This caused quite a stir and was a great talking point in Limerick at that time. Kids especially were fascinated and spent more time playing with the Staff than eating their food!!

Even, way back then the owners and management were adament to employ staff that were friendly and energetic, with fun personalities and willing to engage and built a relationship with the customers. We to this day have loyal customers coming into to us since 1989. Many have celebrated their Engagements, Marriages, Christenings and sad occasions also with us. This is what makes it all worth while when customers choose to re-visit us time and time again.

In its early days the Steakout had only about 50 seats in one basement, however this wasn’t sufficient so another basement was added a couple of years after opening to take us up to about 90 seats. Again the Steakout grew in popularity and another basement was acquired and we added another 50 seats. We remained with approx 140 seats for many many years. But in 2016 we acquired another basement property and extended into that with another 60 seats added. This we think will be our final extension – much to the pleasure of our hard-working staff.